New Burger Bar on Pico, and an Israeli Shawarma place went Glatt on Wilshire…

Right on Pico where Delice Bistro used to be, a new Burger Bar is forming up. It’s not yet open to the public but the sign is up and it shouldn’t take too long to set up. We are looking forward to it! If they will be able to bring the Israeli high-end burger scene to Pico, a lot of people will be happy. 8581 West Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90035

LA Burger bar

On Wilshire, a Shawarma place by the name ‘Chapa Grill‘  went Glatt Kosher with U.S Kosher Supervision under Rabbi Dr. Yehuda Bukspan.  Prices are great for a Glatt kosher place and everything looks fresh and clean, and they make their Hummus in house.  My Kosher LA readers get 15% OFF THE DINNER MENU EVERYDAY FROM 4:00PM TO 9:00PM.
Print and enjoy, and don’t forget where you seen it first, spread the word and be well.  Love always…

Chapa Grill

3 Replies to “New Burger Bar on Pico, and an Israeli Shawarma place went Glatt on Wilshire…”

  1. Hi, we’re excited about the new La Burgerbar opening in our neighborhood. We have a sad lack of hip, stylish eateries on Pico, just west of La Cienega, and I’m glad to see the change. For some reason many restaurants close by seem to think its OK to have crappy interiors and dirty sidewalks and storefronts. Interestingly the demographic of households with expendable income in this immediate neighborhood is between 25-45 years old with very mixed ethnicity. The point being the expectation of this demographic is very conscious of style and presentation. My wife and I are burger lovers and hit Jeff’s here and there. I respect that this is a Kosher restaurant but the best burgers I’ve had have been non Kosher and they generally are a little less expensive. We have shawarma galore around here so I hope Laburger will step up and have great burgers and good side selections. Give us that, a clean stylish environment and this place will rock! Next up we’re hoping someone will open a 21st century coffee house nearby…

  2. The burgers are expensive, the service is slow and the food, for all the hype, is just OK. Also, I have several friends who live down the street on Holt and Corning who HATE the place because the smoke from the restaurant is think and greasy and goes into their windows.

    For these 2 reasons, my friends and I won’t be going back

    Seems like the owners could have done a much, much better job for the community and the customers.

  3. Praises for a delicious kosher burger joint in this part of town. I can’t tell you how my wife and I love burgers and while Jeff’s has been our family’s main supplier their limited options and limited sitting doesn’t accommadate a family outing. Our kids love the Jr. burgers and hot dogs and my wife regularly orders a house or kosher cheese burger. As for myself I’m an avid LA burger fan (I love all the trimmings) and season fries to boot.

    As for costomer service the staff is always friendly brandishing smiles with each burger. We’ve been there upwards of 20 times in the past three months or so and have never had a bad experience. They’re really making a lasting impresion on us.

    I’ve had the oppertunity to read the other posts and I suppose this is a response in a way because I would not have written this otherwise, but having worked in the restaurant industry in my younger days I know what it is. I know it can be hard and as nice as these boys have been to our family I feel a responsibility to defend them. Hundreds of people frequent LA Burger Bar on a weekly basis and in my opinion the previous comment is an outlayer; part of the one percent that can never be made happy.

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