Got Schnitzel on a Pretzel?

Pico Robertson is known by many as a Kosher haven. Plenty of kosher places to chose from. It sometimes takes 30 min just to decide where to eat. After much thought and consideration, I decided to try something new, something that would hit the spot… I decided on Got Kosher? on Pico off of Livonia.

You might have seen Got Kosher? sandwiches, salads and meals at local schools, airports, snack shops and other institutions. Those sandwiches are nothing compared to what they offer in there store though.

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A Real French Experience in a Glatt Kosher Glamor.

Delice Bistro is one of the most surprising Glatt kosher spots in LA. It is located in the heart of the Pico/Robertson neighborhood.
We arrived to the restaurant around 5:50 pm, there is complimentary valet parking available starting at 6:00 pm, so keep that in mind. When we walked in, we received a very delightful and warm welcome from the staff and especially from the owner Julian.
Julian, 55 years old, was born in Morocco and grew up in Paris. He came to the US in 1980 and was doing real estate for 19 years. Nearly 8 years ago, he decided to start a french bakery, because he couldn’t find a good kosher one in the area. The bakery became a huge success in the community, and people started asking him to open a restaurant. He invested almost a million dollars in his new bistro, that opened up only 18 months ago. His mission was to let the Kosher community have a restaurant they can be proud of. When I called Julian and told him about, he was very excited to meet us. We made a reservation to have dinner on a weekday evening.
Here are the details of our dining experience:
The atmosphere is very romantic and cozy, a perfect setting for a spectacular evening with a date.
There is a beautiful Eiffel tower that stands 18 feet tall in the center of the restaurant that will give you that French/Paris look and feel. The staff were all so kind and professional, you can tell they really care about their customers. The set up was classy and intriguing, fine dining at its best.
After reviewing a wide variety of fine and delicate options on the menu, we made our selections.
The house red wine is smooth and tasty.
Appetizers were out of this world. We chose the Eiffel Tower tartar, we gave it 10 out of 10.
Then we had the Crab cake (with imitation crab meat of course!) and we gave it 10 out of 10.
The Bread basket is awesome and deserves 10 out of 10, together with the house hummus and starters.
Then came the Spinach Salad which has a unique combination of cranberries, mandarin, walnuts, and avocado all complimenting eachother perfectly. This was so delicious we couldn’t stop talking about it. 10 out of 10
Entries:(see picture above)
Free range Stuffed Chicken Breast, very delightful soft and tasty. 10 out of 10.
Sandabs white fish with onion and parsley, full of flavor and french aroma. 10 out 10.

Apple tart with ice cream – it’s like going to heaven and back sooooo yummi. 10 out of 10 Great to share with the table.
We enjoyed our apple tart with a fresh Moroccan tea to accompany it, a great end to an impressive dinner.
By: Uzi Moses
January 6, 2010