Fathers day at Shilo’s modern steak house.

20120617-202640.jpgIt was packed, no room to seat. One waiter drooped a tray full of breakables to the floor. The place smelled amazing and the service was prompted when we got in. The waiter was so busy he forgot the extra bread we ordered so we asked the bus boy. The wine was exquisite Italian black muscat. The bread shows up with a bitten piece, we returned it and got a new hot out the oven one. It was hot and noisy, we hardly heard our selves speaking. We were waiting for the main course. The table next to us received ribs at the size of Texas. Our food took a long time to arrive so the waiter poured us complementary glasses of wine, we loved it, thank you. Our food finally came, the ribs were tasty and the lean cut meat was delicious. Over all we had lots of fun, great food and an especially good waiter. We went for the chocolate mousse. The owner checked in on us making sure we are good. The dessert was amazingly good. Total bill was $90.05 we are giving it a 4.5 stars out of 5. Thank you.



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