Great Purim Baskets For A Great Cause

Creating and designing Purim baskets (Shaloch Manos) is an old Jewish tradition that requires a lot of time and effort for everyone involved. We love making and sending these baskets of goodies to our friends and family because, what greater holiday spirit is there than to spend time preparing to make someone else’s holiday something special (and tasty). Not to mention that sending Shaloch Manos is an essential part of what Purim is all about.

In the times of the Megillah, Haman claimed that the Jewish people were fragmented and split into various sects and sub-communities. He claimed that not only were we an easy target for mass genocide, but we could also not be counted upon to support the Babylonian king when called upon because of our separation from the gentiles and our internal strife. We give Shaloch Manos as a way to counteract these false claims and help bolster a unified Jewish nation. So in the spirit of the holiday of Purim, let’s take a moment to consider showing support for a great cause, getting a really sweeeet Purim basket and giving it to someone who will really appreciate it, all at once.

Kahal Levy is a great place to purchase a prepackaged Purim basket. Not only is the Kahal Levy Purim basket a great value ($50.00), it comes with a variety of assorted goodies (hamantashen, tea biscuits, sparkling grape juice, fresh Cali dats, chips, kosher for passover Hashahar chocolate spread etc…). By buying a Purim basket from Kahal Levy, you’ll be supporting a great cause as well.

Kahal Levy is a small (and growing) shul located on the corner of Fallbrook and Saticoy in Canoga Park (bordering Woodland Hills). It is the home of a shul which began in August of 2004, and has moved twice, before settling at its current location this past year. When Kahal Levy first began, services were offered on Shabbat only and getting 10 people for those services seemed like an impossible feat. Today, Kahal Levy has a daily Shacharit minyan in addition to Shabbat minyanim and a weekly kiddush on Shabbat.

About Kahal Levy:
Kahal Levy is a nonprofit organization that serves the Woodland Hills community. Kahal Levy offeres daily prayer services to local Jewish residents. Services there are conducted in the sefardic tradition. Kahal Levy was started in August 2004 in the home of Mr. and Mrs. David and Michelle Mazalian. Since then the shul has moved twice and is now located at 7527 Fallbrook Ave. Woodland Hills, CA 91307. Kahal Levy will be offering services on Pesach and will be hosting Rabbi Shwartzberg throughout the holiday as the scholar in residence. Shavuot services will also be offered followed by an all night study session at the shul (first night only). Kahal Levy is now accepting donations for a new Sefer Torah, which will be formally inaugurated within the next few months.

If you would like to memorialize a loved one, wish to donate to Kahal Levy or wish to know more about how and where to order your Purim baskets, please contact David Mazalian, the Gabbai/Coordinator for Kahal Levy, at

My Kosher LA is a proud supporter of Congregation Kahal Levy.

By: Aryeh Powers
February 11, 2010

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