Holy Cow, a new kosher creamery opens on Pico .

A new Kosher Creamery opens up on Pico. The owners are the same people who owns Meshugah 4 Sushi next door. The creamery promises to deliver a new concept of ice cream sandwiches which is a kosher Diddy Riese like the one on Westwood which is not kosher. http://www.diddyriese.com/  My Kosher LA wishes Holy Cow a lot of success with the new venture.

The Address is:

8946 West Pico Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90036

Holy Cow
Holy Cow

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  1. I love that place but it’s not a creamery: they don’t make neither their ice-cream nor their cheese; they buy them. Better defined: a bakery.

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