A new Kosher Supervision Company for Vegan raw food is emerging under the symbol K♥R

Company Overview:
The Company Provides Kosher Supervision and Certification for Raw Vegan & Live Foods industry.

Kosher Symbol – (K♥R)

According to Kabbalah (Orthodox Jewish Laws). חב”ד
Company Mission:
To unite, promote, educate, and lead the Vegan Raw Food Revolution by providing guidance, supervision and certification to manufactures, restaurant owners, and Vegan raw food entrepreneurs, in order to give anyone regardless of their religion, ethnic group, skin color, language or geographical location, the tools, education and benefit of eating Kosher Vegan Raw foods.
Individual Vegan Raw Product Certification.
Bulk Vegan Raw Products Certification.
Vegan Raw Restaurant Certification.
Vegan Raw Events Certification.
Kosher Vegan Raw Courses.

Let’s hope we’ll see plenty of new healthy vegan Raw foods products get certified soon.

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