Parker Weinthal and His Delicious Tea Biscuits

It was in Laguna Beach two Sunday’s ago where I was attending an event at the Laguna Beach Moishe House, that I first met Parker Weinthal and got a chance to taste his delicious cherry vanilla tea biscuits. I was really happy to see the nice little box of cherry delights, because they were the only kosher certified food I knew to be around Laguna Beach, aside from the Cliff Bars I had brought with me, which were heating up in my car.

Well, let me explain, the tea biscuits weren’t actually baked by him, rather they were manufactured by Smart Planet Kitchen®, a company started and run to-date by Parker’s family, in southern California. What surprised me about this delicious snack was the fact that it was both kosher and made entirely from all natural ingredients. Unfortunately kosher products (especially kosher snacks) are not known for their organic ingredients or health benefits, and the trend for kosher food doesn’t appear to be shifting in that direction either. I personally recommend trying a Jilli’s cherry vanilla tea biscuit the next time you have a chance to relax with a cup of your favorite joe or tea.

It is my hope that other companies will follow Jilli’s example and create all natural alternatives to the existing list of kosher snacks. Particularly, I would be interested in seeing some more kosher snacks without the high fructose corn syrup and hydrogenated oils – that have become common place in both kosher and non-kosher snacks.

I hope you have the opportunity to try some of the Jilli’s snack line and share with the My Kosher LA community your thoughts and critiques! If you know of someone or some company with a kosher story that you would like to share, please email it to , or use the contact form to share your thoughts with us.

About Smart Planet Kitchen® and Jilli’s Tea Biscuits®

All Jilli’s Tea Biscuits® are certified kosher by the Kof-K® certifying agency based out of Teaneck, NJ. Jilli’s Biscuits come in three flavors; Cherry Vanilla, Orange Basil and Savory Chedder. Jilli’s® products can be found at your local Whole Foods store. Jilli’s® products are manufactured in their plant, located in Los Angeles.

For further information on Jilli’s Tea Biscuits® or Smart Planet Kitchen®, Please contact Parker Weinthal at . Smart Planet Kitchen® will soon have a Web site with more information on their products and services. Please check back at My Kosher LA for further updates and news on Jilli’s Tea Biscuits®.

  • My Kosher LA is a proud supporter of Jilli’s Tea Biscuits®.

  • By: Aryeh Powers
    February 3, 2010

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    1. It sounds like you’re only available in Southern California to date, correct? We’re in Illinois, keep kosher, and keep healthy, organic, etc. Just wondering about your availability to us. Our local Whole Foods is in Deerfield IL. Best of luck, CA

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