New Pastry & Cafe House on Pico. Totaly Parve.

Elat Pastry Cafe, just opened up a brand new Kosher Parve (Kehilla) Coffee shop on Pico. Being a coffee lover, and very particular about my coffee, I can tell you that I was surprised for the best. I looked more into what kind of coffee they are using, and found out it’s an Italian brand called ‘Danesi Caffe’ it’s prime quality, and very tasty. What’s exciting to me about this place is that it is TOTALY PARVE, so if you just had meat you can still come, and get a Latte or Cappuccino with steamed Soy milk or Mocha mix. The place offers free WI-FI (Wireless Internet password is 1234567890), and many different kinds of breads, cookies and more. The atmosphere is relaxing, and they did a great job designing the place. The place is going to eventually serve egg breakfasts, and many more different kind of pastry’s. See you there soon enjoy and spread the love.

Uzi Moses

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  1. I was so happy to hear the news about the new Elat Pastry on Pico not only because I love a great bakery where one can sit down have a snack and coffee etc but also I’m delighted to hear that there’s a kosher place to sit and have free wi-fi. Thanks for posting this exciting information. I can’t wait.

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