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Hand Made Matzah

Pesach (Passover) is rapidly approaching and Jews from all over are scrambling to prepare for the seven day matzah fest. From cleaning homes, to buying new clothes, and most importantly preparing kosher for Pesach food, Pesach really requires a lot of time in advance in order to get the best possible experience. The last challenge of   preparing tasty food, that’s healthy and that abides by all the kosher and Pesach laws is one of the hardest parts of any holiday preparation.

Since it can be so daunting, thinking about and preparing food for this wonderful holiday, I wanted to share with you a little bit of background surrounding the concept of eating matzahs and provide some useful links to help everyone out there that’s feeling like its crunch time and could use a bit more info and tips on Pesach preparation.

The idea of not eating ‘Chametz‘ (leavened products) during Pesach stems from the fact that when the Jews left Egypt they didn’t have time to bake bread and therefore prepared Matzahs, which is made from the same ingredients as bread, but requires a lot less time to prepare. Some halachic authorities maintain that it is a mitzvah to eat Matzah at every meal and at any time that a person desires throughout Pesach, as opposed to just the first night. Matzah is also known as the bread of faith. The holy books line up tremendous spiritual benefits which one gets from eating Matzah during the holiday of Pesach. MyKosherLA will keep you posted regarding Kosher Restaurants that will be open during the holiday, and what type of kosher supervision they are receiving over the holiday.

Some good links to consider while preparing for Pesach:

To learn more about Matzah and Passover:

To order Matzah online:

Passover Recipes:

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By: Uzi Moses
March 11, 2010

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